To provide comfortable, more personal and interactive, holidays in the form of guided overland tours and 4X4 adventures. Waypoint Adventures has positioned itself to provide their customers with a safari product they require, whether it’s a budget or an upmarket holiday, catering for those who are looking for a value-for-money experience or adventure.

Overland Tours

Some adventure history and what we say...

I don’t think adventure was ever something I dreamed of. I think it is something that I was born with. It is a drive in me that never stops. Pushing me beyond limits, calling me and at times tormenting me to hit the road. It is a road of discovery. A quest beyond borders…

As a child, our holidays with my family were always very close to nature. I have always enjoyed outdoor life and the simplicity of camping.

In my Defence Force years, we lived in the wild and were very close to nature. We were pushed beyond our personal boundaries and overcame many comforts. We had to survive in tough conditions and were exposed to almost unbearable situations.  It had changed me for good and had showed me that we can push ourselves much further than we think. We are stronger than we can imagine. It redefined my personal limits.

After we started a family and the children grew up, this sense of adventure became alive again.  I had a lot of hobbies and spent a lot of time outdoors, but on my own. I was missing out on the family and realised that time will go by, and they will grow up and have their own lives. We wanted to create memories with them. Give them something to treasure and to maybe pursue as adults. I wanted to share the wild with my family and travel in our beautiful country (and Africa). We wanted the kids to experience live without technology and comfort. Overland tours were the answer…

We did not have a 4X4. We could not go on guided overland tours or any other 4×4 adventures or excursions. We went on our first overland trip to Botswana with a 4X2 Colt Bakkie (Club Cab). The children were squeezed in at the back of the front seats on a piece of foam and they were just as excited as we were. Did we get stuck? Heck yah! We called it “temporary delays” on our journeys. Yes, we were stupid. Wasted money on wrong equipment, made some rookie mistakes, pushed too far, came too close and we learned the hard way.

We were so excited when we finally upgraded to a 4×4. We did a few club outings and short tours, but always preferred to go our own way; we went on many great safari and 4X4 adventures and tours during the last 15 years…

My wife was hesitant at first and to be honest, very wary of the wild. She freaked out on numerous occasions, but her love for nature always made her overcome her fears. She has mastered her way around the campsite and has always captured all our journeys with her beautiful “mik-en-druk” (point-and-shoot) photo’s. She did not want a fancy camera, she just wanted to take the shots for memories.

After years in the corporate world, I decided to create a position where I could focus on this passion that will always drive me. I did professional training and qualified as an Adventure Guide to help people to discover and take them on guided overland tours by sharing my experience and knowledge.

I love to change my passion into opportunities and share with and as well help people to follow the call of the wild; to get lost in nature; to move beyond your comfort zone and push yourself further than you can imagine. To challenge yourself to go further; to live…

I have a lot of experience in 4×4 adventures and safari travel in all of Africa: planning tours and safaris, arranging logistics and figuring out technical requirements for overlanding and remote camping. I share this information and prevent you from making those same rookie mistakes that we made and wasting money and time on bad planning and equipment. Guided overland tours with Waypoint Adventures is the answer!

Allow me to take you into the wild and connect you with the most wonderful landscapes in Africa and on earth, to broaden your horizon, to be exposed to the wild, to be hungry for adventure and embrace the unknown. Let’s Go!

We Promise...

  • Customer Commitment:

    We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives.

  • Quality:

    We provide outstanding and unsurpassed service and tours that deliver premium value to our customers.

  • Integrity:

    We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.

  • Teamwork:

    We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Respect for People:

    We value people and encourage their development.

  • Good Citizenship:

    We are good citizens and will respect the communities in which we work, play and travel.

What Our Customers say!

Extraordinary Adventure Experience...

Rolien and Jean Vos is a husband and wife team based in the Helderberg, Cape Town, South Africa, with operational offices and a workshop in Somerset West. All our guided overland tours are managed by a dedicated team from here.

Not many tour operators are qualified or accredited. Jean Vos is a qualified Adventure Site Guide (TG/ADVSITEGD/4/0080) as accredited by CATHSSETA. He is accredited by the Department of Labour as a Wilderness First Responder and completed First Aid training DOL Level 3 (WMX Wilderness First Responder).

He is also a 4×4 Trails Guide and TETA Accredited as per SAQA standards to “Apply the techniques for operating four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles, in on-road and off-road conditions” (SAQA U254135).

He is registered as a tourist guide with the Department of Tourism and is legally authorised to lead Guided Overland Tours throughout South Africa. 

Next time you book a tour, ask your guide for his accreditation or registration...




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