We are excited to take you on our “Bats and Beasts . This is one to look forward to and it will make your wildest dream come true; it will be one of the greatest adventures you will ever undertake.

We invite you to experience some of the wildest places in Southern Africa on this 17-day Self-Drive Overland Camping tour into the heart of the wilderness areas of Eastern Zambia. Zambia is the new Botswana; be one of the first privileged few to get into places like North Luangwa National Park; which only recently opened for the self-drive adventurer!
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You might also have heard of places like the South Luangwa National Park and Kasanka National Park. We are ready to explore and show you some of these greatest places on earth with fantastic views that you will never forget.
This adventure and your experiences will create stories that you will tell for years to come; we promise…
We will get together at the Chobe Safari Lodge in Kasane, Botswana. We do a possible lengthy border crossing and start the adventure into Zambia where the real safari starts as we get closer to Luangwa and Kasanka for the greatest adventure of your life!

Where the Adventure Starts!


The Kasanka National Park is where you can experience the greatest mammal migration on earth when the fruit bats entertain us for three days. There will be many awesome moments in this magical place and something unexpected will happen every day.

“…an incredible three thousand metric tons of bat, some with a wingspan up to almost a meter in length!” Animal migrations are one of the largest draws for tourists throughout Africa. The great wildebeest migration between Tanzania and Kenya is the most well-known and sees almost two million wildebeest and zebra looping through an area of more than 10,000 sq. km. While Kasanka’s bat migration may be lesser known, it tops many of Africa’s more famous migrations in the sheer number of mammals participating.
The annual Kasanka bat migration – the planet’s largest mammal migration –arrives during November when 10 million straw-coloured fruit bats are filling the skies at eye level. It is one of the natural world’s best-kept secrets, and for years this startling sight remained virtually unseen by African travel enthusiasts. It is an animal carnival to astound the senses.
After 12 days in the wildest places, we return to Livingstone where the tour ends. From here you can travel with us to South Africa or stay a few extra days to explore Victoria Falls in your own time. Here you can enjoy some great restaurants, spa treatments, some tiger fishing, and even Lodge accommodation if you want (not included, unfortunately).


The tour is called “Bats and Beasts”; Bats for an obvious reason and Beasts because we believe that where we are going must be some of the wildest places in Southern Africa. The fascinating predator activity and has none of the crowds of the of other parks on the continent and the Luangwa region is the place to be. You will see many wild animals and large herds on the glorious flood plains, forests, and savannas. The river camps will blow your mind!
The many wildebeest are joined by herds of zebra, tsessebe, and lechwe, and predators such as wild dogs, hyenas, cheetahs, and lions. A unique feature of the Luangwa parks is the predator hierarchy, with clans of 50-strong hyenas acting as apex predators and hunting successfully. The rains also give life to a flush of colourful wildflowers, while the stark contrast of green and gold grasslands against the dark and ominous blue hues of a rising storm reigns as one of the region’s iconic sights. 
The tropical rivers are popular with hippos and crocodiles, and elephants are regularly seen on the sandy banks taking a drink, and it is fantastic to see them on the increase after they suffered so hard from poaching.
“The birding is just as prolific, with nearly 500 species recorded, from African Fin-foot and Pel’s Fishing Owl to Wattled Crane, Goliath Heron and Black-cheeked Lovebirds”
Remember, the campsites here are all unfenced, and we will have regular visits by the elephants, hyenas, and possibly lions and many other animals. You might be lucky and see a wild dog hunt and kill in the campsite; we have… The monkeys and baboons will harass us many times; this will be a great experience on its own! This might be scary for most, but always exciting; this is an adventure… (Google says: Adventure = an unusual and exciting or daring experience) We guarantee this!


PRELIMINARY ITINERARY (Expect a few small changes)

  • Day 1

    We meet during the day at Chobe Safari Lodge campsite, Kasane, Botswana.

  • Day 2

    We leave Botswana, and enter Zambia to go to Moorings Campsite.

  • Day 3

    Bridge Camp Campsite.

  • Day 4 & 5

    South Luangwa - Croc Valley Camp Campsite

  • Day 6 & 7

    South Luangwa - Zikomo Campsite

  • Day 8

    North Luangwa - Ituba Campsite

  • Day 9

    North Luangwa NP - Nkholo Campsite

  • Day 10 & 11

    North Luangwa - Samala Campsite

  • Day 12 & 13

    Bangweulu Game Reserve - Nsobe Campsite

  • Day 14 & 15

    Kasanka National Park - Kabwe Campsite

  • Day 15

    Fringilla - Fringilla Lodge

  • Day 16

    Livingstone - The Victoria Falls Waterfront Lodge Campsite

The tour is self-catering, but we will propose a menu closer to the time. You will also receive a detailed tour plan and itinerary with maps closer to the time.


(More about this closer to the time)


Also, please bring a great sense of adventure; this is going to be epic!


The price is R 18 450 per person sharing; half-price for children under 12 and children under 6 are free (at the time of the tour). Single supplement @ R 23 100. Pricing for non-SADC members is available on request.

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We will then contact you to get your name and surname, email address and then send you the relevant tour details to confirm your spot. If you do not respond to our messages, we will unfortunately have to remove you from the group to make space for others in the queue. This tour is very popular already; do not wait too long and be disappointed!

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